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Super mom has another trick up her sleeve to encourage good health:

For most moms in today’s world being a mom is just one of many party tricks... picking up the little one from school, driving home planning out your chores, open that front door and then you get that woosh of energy and super mom kicks in! We have to get ready for the next day and THIS ONE ISNT EVEN OVER YET!!!

From the second the door opens, “mommy come play with me” my response- im sure you could imagine, “i have to cook first my love”

It’s the next thing that you will say that makes all the difference.

Imagine this conversation “What would you like to eat today for dinner?” I just invited him to make a decision with me about his health. But it gets better... “So Do you want salmon or shrimp?” hmmm 🤔“SALMON with LEMON” he says... “OK and we need vegetables so do you want some brussel sprouts or some brocolli?”

& last- “do you want some rice too?” As i reach for the cauliflower rice from the fridge. (Because who says no to rice?)

Getting them to eat healthy is a step in the right direction.

Asking them to take their own initiative is a leap!

This is only the beginning. If you provide them with the illusion of an option, they feel like their in charge.

Try to do this every day, not all days work out just as described but most days NO all days they will feel that they took part in choosing the meal.

Strategies to help them make wiser choices:

1. Involve them in planning the meal- “We have to cook diner- what should we make today? What are you in the mood for?”

2. Provide the illusion of choice: “hmmm would you like brussel sprouts or is cauliflower a better idea?”

3. Talk about the colors on the plate and the different food groups. Make your meal a work of art! Think 75%veggie and 25% protein

Ensure your house has all the healthy options and just ask the question... see what they say.

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