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Swap it out; They won't know!

Having a healthy home is difficult to maintain. From a young age children are exposed to many different things that even though you’re unaware, you were totally brainwashed into purchasing and eating. Soon what you become accustomed to becomes your norm. Bread & Cereal is a good example of this. One of the easiest ways in which you can change your eating habits is by not changing them at all, but swapping out the ingredients for better ones! All in all making better choices for you and the fam without telling the difference. Best thing about it is that YOUR CHILD will not know the difference, they will be eating less processed and more nutrient dense foods.

Think about all those high processed, carbohydrate foods that you have in your home. Do you use those foods to fill you up or fill your child up. Oatmeal, bread, toast, and cereal; I have to say it’s one of the easiest swaps!

Anything that contains a wheat product could easily be swapped for almond flour, cauliflower flour, arrowroot flour, coconut flour... all which have plenty of nutrients as well as low glycemic levels. See our recipe for “good bread” that is an absolutely fabulous and delicious alternative to your standard loaf.

Sugar is another thing that could be swapped- Well it’s true, this is the most difficult one because once you swap out the processed sugar, it takes a long time for someone who is addicted to sugar to adjust. Some excellent alternatives to processed sugar would be maple syrup, coconut sugar or honey. I don’t necessarily approve of any of the other sugar alternatives such as xylitol, because again those are processed and derived from corn. Stick to natural. If you need to add sugar, make sure the swap is worth it. Likewise, when you’re buying snacks that contain sugar make sure that on the ingredient list it says cane sugar, organic cane sugar, coconut sugar or maple syrup. Any other sugar alternative is not the best option.

Simple swaps:

Wheat/whole wheat bread- ezekiel bread or of course almond flour bread

Honey Nut Oats- @activated cereal

Standard chips/ pirates booty- @activated popcorn/ make your own using an air popper, some Himalayan salt & some ghee. Magical!!!!

Gummy bears- @blackforest or @yumearth gummies or make your own- stay tuned for gummy recipe.

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