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Fever is Your friend not VILLAIN

“Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease” - Paranenides

Fevers could be one of two things, ONE; a response of the body to fight off something brewing, or the immune system developing in little ones.

None of the above is a scary circumstance in fact it is rather the opposite. You should NEVER “treat” a fever- Fevers are necessary and super natural for the body! & it means that your babies body WORKS beautifully!

Yes, they cause discomfort- empathetic moms tend to worry, especially when the doctors say that if it gets too high it must be controlled or offer the option of controlling a fever using over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol and Motrin. In actuality using these drugs are counterproductive to healing the bacteria or infection that’s causing the fever. Did you hear that- let me state it again... giving Tylenol or Motrin to control a fever does MORE HARM than good in tackling the root cause of the fever & after all don't we all want GOOD HEALTH!! Not just a bandaid.

So no, I’m not just saying, let the child suffer & let the fever run its course, but there are many things you can do to assist the body to quickly combat whatever it is up against & a fever shouldn’t be challenged. Instead of painting the picture that a fever is your child's enemy teach them the strategies and habits to overcome them in the most comforting way.

Like: when you child starts to get a stuffy nose- let them reach for the oils or request soup or elderberry, or even turn on the water for a bath. Don't set them up for failure or make them feel like their body cant handle these situations. EMPOWER THEM!

Here are a few tips for children over 5 months of age:

For soothing-

Cool showers

Cold compress in between legs/neck/under arm

@youngliving chamomile/lavender oil (with a carrier)


Peppermint oil and olive oil rubbed on the body

For fighting off small infections-

Hot/cold wool sock technique




“raven” oil in diffuser

Vitamin D & C

Rest and liquids

Garlic (vitamin or real)

(no sugar no dairy)

Manuka honey added to just about anything

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