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Reshape generational habits 
by making healthy FUN! 

At Oh My Goodness we believe in the importance of health and wellness for all ages but most importantly for our new generation of little’s. In today’s complex world we are constantly faced with decisions around our health and wellness. We aim to help our littles by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to live a wholesome well-balanced life, now, and for their future selves. Oh my goodness inspires young minds through unique, beautiful, and purposeful play experiences in a modern, clean and simple play center. Oh my goodness creates opportunity for fun and excitement for parent and child alike. 




Margaret Elenis, co-founder
32: A born educator- a life learner - a mom - a wife - a cancer thriver & a believer in the Goodness of humans. 
At 28 years old I thought the world was in the palms of my hands. Until news of a malignant tumor left me palms down face to the ground. Following my gut, research & a fabulous support system I decided to pursue the very lonely world of natural medicine and in the end, I found myself. After 8 years working for the NYS DOE I resigned to persue a greater goal, Reshape generational habits to create a healthier future! 
From special education teacher to health coach and inspirer and health advocate. 

I decided I could still do what I love- and teach the most important lesson of all- we all say how grateful we are to have our health, are we? And until when? My drive is to help a new generation of children to discover the greatest “wealth” of all. There is no greater wealth than health. 



Hello ! 
My name is Katerina, Nina for short. From a young girl I've always had a love for teaching and being around children. With a background in elementary and early childhood education I have had the opportunity to be around and learn patience, kindness, and love from all the little ones I've encountered. 

After my sister's diagnosis, my life changed completely. Learning through her experiences I've gained a second passion in the importance of healthy living. 

These experiences have led me to open Oh My Goodness with its mission being to educate littles on living a healthier lifestyle, mind, body and soul... and make it FUN

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